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Through inOne’s ordering platform, you create both insight and oversight. This allows you to manage multiple hospitality locations and stay in control of all purchasing.

16.000+ restaurants

17 years of experience

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Streamlining operations/purchasing

  • Locations order anywhere and at any time
  • Create suppliers manually as well
  • Manage locations via the manager dashboard
  • Determine who places orders for each location
  • Insight into personal price agreements

Insight & overview

  • Get insight into all purchases
  • Centrally calculate all your dishes & drinks
  • Centrally create accurate cost price calculations
  • Centrally set price & margin notifications
  • Get insight into prices of products

Want to streamline purchasing?

Choose your tools

The various tools available help automate processes and streamline the procurement process from different locations. en het inkoopproces van verschillende locaties te stroomlijnen. The manager dashboard provides all the necessary inputs and overviews.


Locations order free, quick & easy from your suppliers via a single app.

Can be supplemented by tools:


Get insight into the order history of locations, centrally manage order lists and also add suppliers yourself through the manager dashboard.

Menu & Recipe

Centrally compile recipes and manage price agreements by setting up notifications.


Locations do periodic counts and enter stock for accounting purposes. Centrally create a stock movement overview.


Consult all invoices in one app and get insight into product prices on the invoice.

The manager dashboard

The manager dashboard in inOne grants you both insight and oversight. Locations order quickly and easily from all your suppliers using a single app. They can see current orders and order history. By understanding product delivery times, they know when to place an order in order to receive it on time.

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Via the free inOne app, locations place orders quickly and easily with all your suppliers. You and your colleagues have insight into pending orders and order history. This way, everyone knows what has (already) been ordered.


From the manager dashboard, you create order lists, publish them to locations and ensure that the right products are ordered on time, at the right price. This is also how you determine which products are or may be ordered by which location(s). And you only need to create and manage an order list once.

Because you add your own suppliers, including their range, you ensure that chefs place orders through one app. And e-mail, WhatsApp, text and/or a phone call to a supplier is a thing of the past.

Through insight into prices and order history, you can adjust the location manager or other colleagues where necessary.

Menu & Recipe

At the (de)centralised level, you create recipes, food & drink menus, which you publish to the locations. Easily determine the selling price of dishes thanks to the availability of current prices from your suppliers. Set up margin alerts and receive notifications when there are changes.


Current prices are available from your suppliers via the manager dashboard. Counts are imported into the central accounting system from different locations, allowing you to compare periods. This ensures you a clean purchasing figure/percentage.

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As a manager, you want to have quick insight, be able to make quick adjustments and monitor whether these adjustments have desired effects for the underlying operations and totals. Gain insight into invoices and stock movement (for accounting) by easily creating reports.


Which suppliers are affiliated with inOne?

Throughout the Netherlands, there are suppliers working with inOne. Contact the Customer Success Team for more information.

Can I also order from suppliers not affiliated with inOne?

Yes, you easily add suppliers yourself via the manager dashboard in the inOne app when purchasing the Hospitality Tool Management. Create suppliers manually by adding products yourself. This way, all locations really do order from all your suppliers through a single app.

Can locations also order from suppliers not affiliated with inOne?

Yes, you easily add suppliers yourself via the manager dashboard in the inOne app. By adding an e-mail address of your supplier, and a one-time list of your products. So all locations really do order from all your suppliers in a single app.

As a manager, can I create recipes of dishes and drinks in inOne for my locations?

The Menu & Recipe tool makes it easy to create recipes of dishes and drinks in inOne, which you publish to different locations.

Can I check price agreements in inOne?

Yes, you can, suppliers make price agreements available. You can find these in the manager dashboard in inOne.

How do I get to see notifications on margins?

Notifications on margins are shown in the manager dashboard via the Menu & Recipe tool. You can also set it so that you receive e-mails about notification changes.

Can the locations do periodic stock counts in inOne?

With the Stock tool, locations can easily do periodic stock counts in inOne.

Can I create a stock movement report in inOne?

Stock movement reports are easily created using the Finance tool in inOne.