inOne is a leading business-to-business online ordering platform that connects suppliers and more than 16,000 hospitality businesses. With 17 years of experience in foodservice and knowledge of hospitality operations, we offer a reliable solution that is easy to use.


Use promotions to increase sales

Streamline your order process

Define portions

Clear planning with delivery schedules


For beverage wholesalers, coffee suppliers and non-food wholesalers, etc.

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Fresh produce

For fish, fresh produce and meat suppliers etc., but also bakers and dairy suppliers.

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For wholesalers in food and non-food.

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Order quickly & easily

Structure your purchasing

All your suppliers in just one app

Manage all your catering locations


Restaurant & Café

For restaurants, lunchrooms, cafés, bars, hotels, catering companies, fast service businesses, beach pavilions and sandwich shops, etc.

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Chain & Groups

For catering groups and chains with the same or different concepts.

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Our clients prefer to focus on what really matters to them – practising their profession. For businesses in the foodservice industry, hospitality and service are key. Cooks, bartenders and baristas aim to prepare the most delicious dishes or drinks, which the servers provide to their guests. The menus feature recipes created with passion. The products have been chosen with care. From suppliers they have been working with for many seasons, or new suppliers offering exactly what they are looking for.

Suppliers typically provide targeted advice and tailor-made proposals, which is one of their strengths. They look for the right products at the right price. A butcher or fishmonger will ensure that the products are cut into the right portions and delivered the same day.

What suppliers and people working in the hospitality industry love most is to focus on their craft. But how do you ensure that the right products, at the right price, are easily ordered and ultimately delivered?