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Informing buyers about your products and prices has never been easier. With inOne’s hospitality ordering system, you can create a selected offer for each individual buyer that provides overview and insight into prices.

16.000+ restaurants

17 years of experience

24/7 support

Online sales channel

  • Show price agreements
  • Create customer-specific order lists
  • Show offers & specials
  • Show personal products

Plug-and-play solution

  • Updates performed automatically
  • Translates feedback into applications
  • 24/7 support
  • Continuous development

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Product benefits

Offers & Specials

Generate more sales and increase turnover by posting promotions and specials. Promotions and specials are available in the mobile and web app for all your customers.

Activating customers

inOne informs and activates your customers to place online orders. Activating customers is a success factor when ordering online.

ENG Online verkoopkanaal inOne activatie van klanten
ENG Online verkoopkanaal inOne Leveringschemas en besteltijden beheren

Managing delivery schedules & order times

Operational processes are aligned more efficiently by setting (customer-)specific delivery schedules and order deadlines. This will save you costs and time.

Current prices & product information

Customers always see up-to-date prices and products by linking to your ERP system or accounting software package. This way, your customer is always provided with the correct price and product information.

The online ordering system


The inOne ordering system is an online sales channel specifically for suppliers in the hospitality and foodservice industry. With more than 16,000 ordering hospitality customers, inOne is the most widely used ordering system in this industry. Customers order quickly and easily via the mobile app.

You display your full range, offers, specials, customer-specific prices & products. Orders are received directly in your ERP system or accounting software. We guarantee the connection between supplier and your customer. The supplier dashboard gives you insight into your customers.


If I start working with inOne, will it be my ‘own’ webshop?

Yes, inOne is not a marketplace. You decide which customers can place orders and can access specific product and price information.

Can it be linked/integrated with my ERP system or accounting package?

Certainly, we already have a lot of links with ERP systems and accounting software parties. We maintain these links continuously. These include: Cleaver, SAP, Navision, Care4Fresh, Reflex Systems, Exact Online, AFAS, and more. For more information, visit the partners page or contact us.


Is there a mobile app and is it similar to the browser version?

The mobile app is completely identical to the browser version. Everything you control via the web browser, you also control via the mobile app!

Can multiple people order via 1 account?

You can, each orderer creates their own user profile and is given a role. Administrator (administrator of the account) or Member. The Administrator invites colleagues to place orders as well. Because each orderer creates their own user profile, you have insight into current orders!

Are orders frequently imported into my accounting package or ERP system?

Yes, you receive orders almost in real-time directly in your ERP system or accounting package. We monitor sending and receiving orders.